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Stone Specs & Coverages

Stone Descriptions


Sedimentary rock composed mainly of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), usually in the form of calcite and, less commonly, aragonite. It may contain considerable amounts of magnesium carbonate (dolomite) as well. Most limestones have a granular texture; in many cases, the grains are tiny fragments of fossil animal shells. Much knowledge of the Earth's history has been derived from the study of fossils embedded in the limestone and other carbonate rocks. Limestone is used as a soil conditioner, in the manufacture of glass and in agriculture. Ornamental varieties are used for flooring, exterior and interior facing of building and monuments.


Sedimentary rock formed from sand-sized grains (0.0025-0.08 inches or 0.06-2 mm in diameter). The spaces between grains may be empty or filled with either a chemical cement of silica or calcium carbonate or a fine grained matrix of silt and clay particles. The principal mineral constituents of the grain framework are quarts, feldspar and rock fragments. Sandstones are quarried for use as building stone. Because of their abundance, diversity and mineralogy, sandstones are also important to geologists as indicators of erosion and depositional processes.

Stone Specifications


3” – 5” thick, irregular shapes, average length and height is 1’ with a rough face, available in white, yellow, brown and sandstone.


Available in natural or sawn cut, commonly used for retaining walls, sawn 6” in height from top to bottom and chopped 6”-12” deep, with random lengths.


3”-5” Thick, rectangular in shape, random lengths, heights range from 2”-14” sawn on top and bottom with rough face, available in white, cream, and sandstone.


3”-5” Thick, rectangular in shape, random lengths, heights range from 2” – 24” with a rough face, available in most color. Not saw top and bottom.


1”-3” Thick, irregular shapes average length and width is 1’ with a rough face, available in most colors.


Available in 1 ¼” and 2 ¼” thick, typically 22” wide x 4’long.  Sawn on top and bottom with a smooth face, available in white, cream and blue.


Stone Coverage Per Ton:

Random Patterns 4" - 8", 4" - 10"
40 - 45 sq. ft.
Straight Courses 4" 6" 8" 10"
40 - 45 sq. ft.
Flagstone (Builder Stone)
40 - 45 sq. ft.
Sandstone Chopped / Flagstone40 - 45 sq. ft.
Texas Bone Regular Chopped / Flagstone
35 - 40 sq. ft.
40 - 45 sq. ft.
Cave Stone
40 - 43 sq. ft.


4 x 6
30 sq. ft.
6 x 6
30 sq. ft.
6 x 8
20 - 23 sq. ft.
6 x 10
15 - 20 sq. ft.
8 x 8
15 - 20 sq. ft.
8 x 10
15 - 20 sq. ft.

Saw Patio Stone:

1 1/4"
120 - 125 sq. ft.
2 1/4"
75 - 80 sq. ft.

It is important to keep in mind that stone is a product of nature and its colors and sizes will vary. All natural stones vary in color and texture. The end results of your project will depend on the masonry crew. If every piece has one side of color, but is turned to the inside of the wall, a very different look will be achieved than if the color is managed correctly. A sample panel of the look you desire and a good flow of communication with your mason about the look you wish to achieve are very important.

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